Visitors & Family

Dear Friends,

It is now the year 2002. The genealogical data I have gathered over the past 16 years has been freely posted at this website for the past 5 years. Now I find that information from this site is being taken and posted to other web sites without my permission, and I am not being listed as the source of that information. I had removed my website from the Internet for several months because of this problem. Now I have decided to allow access to this site again if people are willing to go along with several requests that I have concerning my web site:

1. If you post anything from this site to your site please say where you got it by referencing my name & email address, or the main web site address.

2. If at all possible don't copy ANY data to your web site, instead put an "http" reference address to the material at my web site.

If you do not know how to make a reference to my web site, or name and email address, please email me and I will tell you how. Please abide by these rules so I can keep my web site freely available for all to visit, and learn about their ancestry. We will all benefit from this.


Raymond C. Whisnant
Webmaster - Whisnant Surname Center