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As submitted by Lyndsey Woodson [lyndseywoodson@yahoo.com]

Feb 18, 2012 - I would like to submit a in query for: Jewell Ferris Whisenant. born Jan 24 1923- died May 17 1958.
He is my grandfather and I was wondering if anyone had any information or pictures? I See he is already on you website but Im trying to find alittle more to surprise my Dad with some more info. He was 4 when my grandfather passed, thank you for you time.

Lyndsey woodson
As submitted by Jeanell Mills- Robinson - Arlington Texas [bluj@flash.net]

Dec 02, 2008 - I would like to submit an inquery for :Charlotte Whisnant born : Alabama -- married: John Kalem Skinner - their children : Kalem Edward. Adelia, Linton, Allan Albert, HattieMarie--
Charlotte's parent are listed as born in Kty. on the Henderson Cty Texas census in 1880 also Charlotte was listed as age 38 in 1880. Charlotte and husband John lived in and around Many La. then moved onto Texas. Their children were all born in La. except Hattie Marie b. in Texas It is believed Charlotte is buried in Athens Texas but i am unable to find her place of burial.

Thanks, Jeanelle
As submitted by Rebecca Gina Frady [dgfrady29@aol.com]

Sep 14, 2008 - I am looking for anyone connected to my Great-Great Grandfather Noah Whisenant from Burke Co,Morganton,NC. Also any connection to my Great -Grandfather Peter Burlington Whisenant from Burke Co. ,Morganton,NC area. My Grandmother was Peter's daughter Ophia Estelle Whisenant .

As submitted by Martha Whisenant Friend [pmfriend@cox.net]

Jan 6, 2005 - Could anyone tell me if the John Nicholas Whisenant/Whisenhunt-->Joseph R. Whisenant branch of the family might prove a connection to join the DAR? Any war records on that family from the Revolution?

Martha Whisenant Friend
As submitted by Shelia Dellinger Gray [shelia.gray@tccd.edu]

Jun 20, 2004 - Looking for more information on Mahala (or Mahalia) Whisnant, born 1828. Mahala married Alexander Morrison, b. 1825. Children were Thomas Morrison, b. 1837 m. Sarah Smith and Adam Morrison, b. 1845 m. Caroline Smith. Thomas and Adam are buried at St. Paul Baptist Church cemetery in Casar, North Carolina. Need to know the following:
1. Mahala's parents, death date, burial place
2. Alexander's parents, death date, burial place

Thank you so much for your time. Please let me know if you'd like any of my informaiton; I'm working on it now. Hope to have it in good order in a few weeks.

Shelia Dellinger Gray

Library Specialist for Acquisitions
South Campus Library
Ext. 4108
As submitted by Dan [dzrui@hotmail.com]

Feb 4, 2004 - I am trying to find any information about a Claudia Bethune Whisenant. She is believed to have been from Blue Ridge area of Georgia Fannin County perhaps. She would probably still be alive. If anyone can help it would greatly be appreciated. Contact: Dan at the Email addressed listed above.

As submitted by Sandy Kramer [kdlogger@tdn.com]

Apr 16, 2003 - I am seeking information on Frances "Fanny" Whisenand and Adam or James Adam Davolt's marriage. Adam Davolt and family lived in Sullivan co. Tennessee. I have found them in the 1830-1840 censuses. All genealogical family trees list the marriage between these two. We have found land records that list Adams wife in 1830 as Barbara Nicely Davolt. I also have an old family register that list Barbara as the wife, and all the children are listed under Adam and Barbara. She has the same birth date listed as Fanny's. The children's birth dates range from 1808-1831. Barbara's sister was married to a Whisenand (Jacob W. Whisenand) and Adam's son was married to a Whisenand (John and Catherine), so we know there was a Davolt Whisenand connection. I wonder if Fanny was wife one and Barbara the second wife. Any information on this family would be helpful. Contact: Sandy Kramer at the Email addressed listed above.

Sandy Kramer
As submitted by Michael Andrew Grissom [oklahomarebel@hotmail.com]

Sept 16, 2002 - Does anyone out there know exactly where Barbry Whisenhunt is buried? She was last seen in the 1870 Fannin County, Texas, census, and she gave her age as 99. Barbry was full-blood Cherokee Indian (we would love to find actual documentation) and was born in 1770 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. She married Adam Whisenhunt (b. l769 in Lincoln County, N.C., d. in Carroll County, Georgia before 1849). Barbry was the mother of Mary Magdalene Whisnehunt Stewart, who after the death of Mr. Stewart, married Malcom Alexander McRae, and she left Carroll County, Ga., in 1849 with the McRaes, who settled in Fannin County, Texas, in 1856. Contact: Michael at the Email addressed listed above.

Michael Andrew Grissom
As submitted by Barbara Whisenant [bwhiz@prodigy.net]

July 15, 2002 - I'm looking for Henry Lafayette WHISENANT born ? and died circa 1888, married Harriet "Hattie" Susan GEORGE [daughter of WPA George] Fayetteville, Lincoln County, TN 1880. They had a son, Lowery Hickman Whisenant, born 1882 Hunt County, TX md Beulah Barker 1900 Farmersville, Collin Co TX. Any information appreciated--I'm happy to exchange files on this family. Contact: Barbara Whisenant, P.O. Box 849; Midlothian, TX 76065, 817-832-5962 or email: bwhiz@prodigy.net

Barbara Whisenant
As submitted by Mary (Belcher) Berdollt [maryberd@onramp113.org]

July 7, 2002 - I am trying to locate the Robert Samuel Whisnant who formerly lived in Berryville, VA. Anyone knowing his whereabouts, please email me. He is the son of Jack Arnold Whisnant and the grandson of John Franklin Whisnant, brother to my grandmother, Hattie Malinda Whisnant. Robert, you exchanged information with Raymond C. Whisnant and I would like to correspond with you also. I have information on the family to share with you.

Mary (Belcher) Berdollt
As submitted by Charles J. Green [CJACKGREEN@prodigy.net]

Augusg 19, 2001 - I am looking for information on Great Grandfather James Wylie/Wiley Whisenhunt. It was said he was born in Gerogia in the mid to late 1850s or 60. His dad was a northern soldier during the Civil War. He moved to Montgomery County, Arkansas in (estimated) in the early to mid 1870s. He Married a woman by the name of Mary and they had one Child, Willie. He then married Lou Anna Gibbs after his first wifes death and they had the following children: Martha Ellen Whisenhunt Plyler b. 8/12/1886, d. 11/6/1945, Joe Rowland Whisenhunt Married Emma, Ben Whisenhunt married Carrie Qualls, Sara Ann Whisenhunt married Jim Johnston, Mollie Whisenhunt married Rector Irons, Lucinda Whisenhunt died at the age of 8.

Charles Green
As submitted by Wade Hudson [whudson@igc.org]

March 22, 2000 - My mother, Willie Corrine Marsh, was born in 1914, by Sara Lou Whisnant, in Pangburn, White Co., AR. I am seeking information about Sara Lou Whisnant's parents and grandparents. If anyone has any information or suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Wade Hudson
As submitted by Bobbie Tanner [BbobT@webtv.net]

March 13, 2000 - Would like to hear from anyone in the James Michael, or Soloman Whisenand family. James is my great, great granddad.

Bobbie Tanner, 310 Kimbrough Rd., Clarksville, TN
As submitted by Betsy C. Farlow [marcocat@primeline.com]

September 28, 1999 - I would like to be in touch with others who are descended from Henry Whisenhunt, son of George Michael. Need proof that Henry was the father of Andrew W. of Davidson Co. NC. Andrew's son, Richard, who changed his name to Hunt, is my great grandfather.

Betsy C. Farlow, Waynesville NC
As submitted by Shirl Whisenand McNeely [STweety@aol.com]

December 10, 1998 - I am looking for the death place of my 2nd Great Grandfather Peter Whisenand. Two different books on the family, and two different sources, give the story as follows: Peter left home about 1850/51 to go to the gold mines in California. He sent some nuggets home, and in 1857 the family got a letter from him saying he found his gold and was heading home. The letter got home, but Peter did not. According to the story, the family searched and found he died in the Mountain Meadow Massacre. I am searching for the proof of this story. If I find the proof, Peter's name can be added to the Monument that is being erected for the victims of the Massacre.

Carol Noonkester (Mrs. Jimmy Nelson) had done some research on the family. She is credit for the info in the "Daphane Arlene Dudley Hoover" book. I hope someone can help me in this search, and where to find Carol. Any suggestions would be appreciated..

Shirl Whisenand McNeely
summer address:
323 East 4 Street
Fremont, NE 68025
As submitted by Carol W. Westmoreland [andferg@webtv.net]

October 24, 1998 - I am seeking all information on the subject or the name Whisenhunt. My name is Carol Ann Whisenhunt Westmoreland. My father is Harold Curtis Whisenhunt, and he is from Arkansas. He had a sister named Helen Whisenhunt. The family lived in Baton Rouge LA. If anyone has any information on them please email me. I have lost contact with my father and I love the family history. I also have two half brothers Tommy Whisenhunt and Harold Whisenhunt Jr. who live in Louisiana. This is all the information I have.

Caraol W. Westmoreland
As submitted by Mary McLaughlin [Merrey6118@aol.com]

October 13, 1998 - I am looking for JULIUS HUNT, born about 1850-1855 and lived in Randolph County, NC. His wife was Marinda. Their children were: Harvey Hunt, Frances Regina Hunt (married Charles E. Ellington in 1898), Lulu Hunt (married Willie Nelson), Louwella Hunt (married John Stewart). They all lived in Randolph County, NC and as far as I know, died there. Cannot find JULIUS HUNT.

It was told to me by my Mother before she died, that the Hunt name had been changed from Whisenhunt to Hunt and Wilhelm Whisenhunt had come from Nederlands. I have not proved this. It is also my understanding that there is Lumbee Indian in this Hunt side of the family. ANY ANY help would be appreciated. Please contact:

Mary McLaughlin
2802 SE 22 Place
Cape Coral FL 33904
As submitted by Barbara Whisenant-Westman [westman@jps.net]

September 3, 1998 - Looking for any information regarding Matthew A. and Martha M. Whisenant. Matthew born Feb 1853. Found in Gilmer Co., GA removed to Sebastian Co., AR. Please contact:

Barbara Whisenant-Westman
4909 Bella Collina Street
Oceanside, CA 92056-1910.

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