Genealogical Links

Here are some home pages created by other members of the family. I've also included several web sites which I thought were interesting, and maybe useful.

Family Home Pages, and E-Mail Addresses:

  • Becky Ramsey, descendant of David Chandler, W.T.T.A. #294i.
  • Charles L. Dotson, grandson of William L. Whisenant, W.T.T.A. #174ii.
  • Kerry Lewis Whisnant, descendant of David Courtsworth Whisnant, W.T.T.A. #2524
  • Shirley A. McNeely, descendant of William Alvin Whisenand, W.T.T.A. #230iv
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Other Genealogical Home Pages:

Helpful Genealogy Sites:

Other interesting Web Sites:

If you would like your home page address, or e-mail address listed, let me know so I can reference it here.