Anna Helena Neff

ID# 3, b. before 1695
Birth*Anna Helena Neff was born before 1695 in Germany; Daughter of Conradt Neff, a weaver. 
Marriage*She married Philip Peter Visinand, son of François Visinand and Anna [unknown], on 9 July 1710 in Hassloch, Germany.1 
Death*Anna Helena Neff died in Lancaster Co., PA
Note*Author's note: The marriage date for Philip and Anna is per Dee Whisenhunt, Chino Valley, AZ. He obtained the date from the Mormon Church Family History Center, 'Evangelisch records.' Their records show Anna Helena's last name as 'Steffen' instead of 'Neff.' The difference in names might be explained by the following quote from The Shoe Cobbler's Kin, volume II, page 19:

"Jahrgong 1710: - Philip Peter Visinand Von Cortier aus dem Welschen Schweitzerland mit Jgfr Anna Helena, Conradt Neffen Gemeinsmans V. Webers Alhie ehl. Tochter."

(Translation) - Year 1710 Philip Peter Visinand from in the french speaking part of Switzerland, with the single Anna Helena, daughter of Conradt Neff citizen and weaver here.

There is no place called Cortier in Switzerland, but there are three Corsier:
1246 Corsier, Geneva Canton
1801 Les Monts-de-Corsier, Vaud Canton
1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud Canton (likely this one)
The number means the zip code.

It is somewhat surprising that his Swiss origin is given although he was born in Heilsbruck, but Swiss people maintain Swiss citizenship also after their emigration, and this may mean that he was still a citizen of his father's town.

Author's note: The above information was transcribed literally from The Shoe Cobbler's Kin. I have reprinted it here for those of you who are unable to obtain a copy of this book. As you can see, 'Neffen' has been translated to "Neff."


Philip Peter Visinand b. 10 April 1684, d. circa 1744


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